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Turner Sports has built up a relationship with a number of winter sports partners at home and abroad in a short time. This gives you the opportunity to get acquainted with a Turner ski or snowboard. At the Indoor ski slopes you can obtain information or gain experience during a (trial) lesson about our Indoor slope cruisers which also do very well in the snow.

You also have the option to rent a Turner ski from one of our rental partners. These advise and even give you the option of 'try before you buy'. So if you like the material, you have the option of taking it over. The rental price is then often deducted.

There are also winter sports shops where you can purchase Turner skis or boards. Let us advise you which ski best suits your performance. If there is no shop in your area, there are also online options.

We wish you a lot of winter sports fun!

TURNER Dutch Ski Technology works together with a large number of partners.

If you want to test our Turner Skis on an indoor track, click here for an indoor track near you.

If you want to rent our Turner Skis, click here for a rental location near you.

If you want to buy our Turner Skis, click here for a shop near you

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